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Annual Productions:

“From Gospel to Hip-Hop and All in Between, featuring Dance A Lot, A Lot of Dance,” a music lineage production featuring Principals from the Oscar Micheaux Theater program and some of the best youth talent in some of Boston schools, both public and private. The youth get the opportunity annually to perform each year at different venues. The Oscar Micheaux Theater program is a community outreach theater program for youth from disadvantaged areas that need support in learning the importance of cultural development. The cast is intergenerational that brings excitement and high energy as they perform, dancing, singing and acting out one of the most culturally significant times in our history, The Harlem Renaissance Era. It’s about history, not a mystery. The John Andrew Ross Youth Theater Awards now in its fourth year to acknowledge and to encourage youth in theater. Presented during the performance of “From Gospel to Hip-Hop and All in Between, featuring Dance a Lot, a Lot of Dance.”


The Annual Oscar Micheaux Theater Festival:

This film festival/lecture is about Oscar Micheaux, a filmmaker in the 1930s who happened to be African American as well as an entrepreneur, who wrote and produced movies that depicted African Americans in positive roles as opposed to the then negative and stereotypical movies of mainstream moviemakers. He is saluted annually to educate on the importance of telling our own history and to encourage self-development. The Oscar Micheaux film festival is held about three weeks prior to the performance of the “Harlem Renaissance Revisited With a Gospel Flavor” to promote the works of Oscar Michaeaux Family Theater program as well as works of our collaborators and to introduce the cast in the play to the public.