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Complete with a teacher-written accompanying Teaching Guide for each book in the Coota Series, Haywood Fennell works with after school programs and educators to implement a curriculum for literacy enrichment. The Coota Literacy Enrichment Program sparks critical thinking about the merit of sensitive and appropriate communications, increases interest in literacy, adds value to literacy, and bridges the gaps of literacy that occur among disadvantaged youth.

"This captivating story will engage readers in the power of history through the wisdom of our elders and the hope of our youth who search for truth, justice and freedom." Janine & Tom Fondon; Founders, UnityFirst.com

"Quilted within the story of Coota a legacy of survival and hope-we find the inspiration to continue to dream. Mr. Fennell weaves stories from the heart that teach us of our present mandate-Each one, teach one."
- Diane ChristianYarborough; Teacher/Writer, Sabis International Charter School Springfield, MA.

"Haywood Fennell, Sr. has single handedly written the exceptional children's novel, Coota and the Magic Quilt that not only tells the story, but delivers a practical and realistic standard that young readers can relate to."
- Loren E. Roberts, M.S.; Illustrator, President, HALO Associates

"Coota is an incredibly creative book for young people and old alike that incorporates the history of the past, the issues facing young people today and faith and hope for the future." - Nancy Routh; City Year, Boston

"It's been a long time since children have seen such a powerful peer mentor as they can find in Coota." - Darcie-Nicole Wicknick, Music Business Educator