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"I am happy to inform you that a donation was made from some of our proceeds to the DIVEST IN DARFUR Fund in the name of OUR FRIEND, the late Mr. William Carrington. Without your support and participation, we could not have done this. Thank you and GOD bless." -Haywood Fennell, Sr.


Boston and Cambridge Theater Programs Team Up for a Dual City Arts and Culture Extravaganza this Fall

This October, The Bridge Program (Cambridge) and The Oscar Micheaux Repertory Theater Company(Boston) join forces to produce a three-day interdisciplinary arts production called “Let’s Sing, Let’s Dance”. The production, which celebrates the contributions of African-American performance artists will be performed by a multicultural cast of youth and adults. The production has met exuberant welcome in the City of Cambridge and not only calls upon talent from Boston and Cambridge alike, but amplifies the robust arts presence found in these cities. The show’s aim is to awaken the spirit, to see and enjoy as well as feel the performers as the cast strut their stuff.

The Bridge Program is a community-based theater arts collaboration program. This youth-focused project will engage with other Boston and Cambridge based community theater and arts programs in studying the importance of cultural awareness, cultural history and performance as it relates to learning and understanding the importance of diversity and other social dynamics that will culminate in two annual theatrical production based on this learning. In particular, the project focuses on the extraordinary cultural flowering of youth and their working with adults with professional theater arts experiences exploring theater arts and developing/strengthening the youth and the community based organizations they represent.

The Oscar Micheaux Repertoire Theater Program is sponsored by Tri-Ad Veterans League, Inc. and will be the lead program. It has the following collaborating partners: Stajez Center for the Arts, ,Eliot Church Congregational Studio Singers, Fred Hayes Dance Company, Darcie Wicknick, and Mr. Harrison Poindexter; a well known theater technician. Invitations are being sent to Cambridge based performing arts programs to provide them the opportunity to share the stage. Tri-Ad Veterans League continues to develop contacts and resources together needed for this collaboration and has organized a knowledgeable and talented group of advisors. OMTP is working diligently to use theater arts as a vehicle to tell the positive stories about the youth in our communities.