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"Haywood Fennell is a man who genuinely wants to improve conditions for under-represented social groups, particularly people of color, urban youth, military veterans, and those who have experienced incarceration. He constantly thinks, and acts, in various ways to improve conditions for others. He is a role model for many." 

Roger F. Harris, Ph.D., Headmaster, Chief Executive Officer Boston Renaissance Charter School 

“On a personal level (Haywood) is someone I consider a friend and has been for over 10 years. I confide in him trust him and have nothing but the utmost respect for the manner in which he carries himself. When ask if I could write something about him, I leaped at the chance without any hesitation because he has given so much to our community and never ask for anything in return. This is my friend, the Haywood Fennell I know.  On professional basis, Haywood and I have worked on several projects together ranging from ex-offenders programs to voter registration drives. We have provided outreach services to our community through advocacy for the homeless population and also health forums on HIV and AIDS. 

I have read his most recent work Coota and the Magic Quilt and believe it to be an excellent learning tool for both teachers and students or adults and children. This is just a snapshot of Mr. Fennel and his passion for improving the quality of life for persons of color in particular but all human beings in general. I’m proud to say he is my friend, colleague and mentor. In the event that you have questions or would like further information, I would be more than happy to respond... It was my pleasure to share a few words about a Giant among men.” 

Abdul-Jalil Danfodio, Instructor for the Employment and Professional Skills Training Program Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts Independent Consultant, Counselor, and Clinician to Dimock Community Health Center, The Vinfen Corporation, and Youth Opportunities of Boston 

“I am proud to know Haywood Fennell, Sr. He is an artist, gifted visionary,huge hearted, passionate, justice driven, entrepreneurial, one who honors others, attentive, funny, thoughtful, filled with love, kind, driven, his Country's hero. Compassionate, peaceful, and deeply spiritual. I love Haywood Fennell, Sr. (I’m) his greatest fan.” 

Nancy Routh, City Year 

“Haywood Fennell is a man who has devoted his energy, time, spirit, and life to worthwhile causes in his community. Haywood realizes the importance of youths, that they indeed our future. Haywood has focused his efforts on teaching our children the importance of literacy, Black history, and cultural history. Haywood has been a champion within and outside the greater Boston area and has been an inspiration to the countless that he has touched.” 

Mark Gocal, Assistant Vice President Investment Budgeting Evergreen Investments Management Company 

“When you walk through the fire to obey God and come out on the other side unharmed you know it was God's power that got you through! Heywood Fennell had learned the spirtual lesson that God's power is there to deliver to those who believe His word and act upon it.. Heywood is one of God's angels here on earth to fulfill his calling on his life through the work he creates. He continues to empower and give to all that comes in his path. (Wisdom, knowledge, grace, strong faith, vision,

Brenda Jenkins YMCA Worcester 

“Haywood Fennell Sr. Is an inspiration in motion. The man has transformed from a man of the world to a spiritual being, giving of his body, mind and spirit. He has impact and influenced the lives of many. … Haywood is a scholar (whose) book Coota and The Magic Quilt (is a) literacy endeavor … that has been assembled to initiate an educational initiative to encourage youth to be more mindful of racial slurs, reclamation of self esteem, and there heritage… Haywood is a weaver of dreams, dealing with reality and the facts and finding the silver lining of all situations no matter how draconian they may be or seem. Haywood is clearly a treasure of the community and … we have so much more to look forward to when it comes to Haywood Fennell Sr., the change agent, the artist, the playwright, the humanitarian, the educator, the advocate, the voice for those who have no voice: the sick the suffering locked up prisoner, families in the community, bringing healthy awareness and change about injustice wherever it raises it's head, or he's aware of it happening… Thank you Haywood we can't wait to see what or how you will share your gifts with the community keep up the gifted work God sent you to do.”

Loren E. Roberts, Community Leader and Artist 

"Haywood Fennell’s inspirational, humble approach and his leadership by example will change our community. His influence through positive words and actions are an exemplary model of citizenship. He is a mentor in so many ways; the embodiment of the word. I do believe God has truly anointed him.” 

Darcie-Nicole Wicknick, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Boston Hip-Hop Alliance 

“I believe the measure of a man is determined not by what he gets in life; but by what he gives in life. Haywood Fennell demonstrates the "art of giving" by consistently sharing his wealth of knowledge to ignite the flames of others; by clearing obstacles to facilitate the dreams of others; by placing himself squarely in the face of seemingly indomitable forces to speak for the voiceless; by hoeing rows of despair, discontent and disenchantment into a harvest of hopefulness and promise; by harnessing and aiming his luminous beam of light on dark, trodden paths, so that others might realize their destiny.”

Miss Velma DuPont, Coloratura Soprano and friend of Haywood Fennell