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Friday, June 10, 2005 Volume 2, Number 15
c/o Pat Williams

Haywood Fennell, Loren Roberts along with gifted director Frances Ingram St. George gave us a magnificent production in "Harlem Renaissance Revisited with a Boston Flavor." My talented best friend, Ruby Hill (who played Miss Mildred, the Bag Lady), was delightful. Richard Holder aka Panther, agreed and wrote the following:

If you were fortunate enough to have seen any one of the four performances of the "Harlem Renaissance Revisited with a Boston Flavor" directed by Frances Ingram St. George at Roxbury Community College from May 28 30, you were blessed to have seen an incredibly talented local cast take you back into the 1920s and early 1930s when the awakening development of Black artistry flourished, particularly in the North (where the Black population doubled and even tripled, due to what was known as the Great Migration. Not many people know that writer Zora Neale Hurston died a pauper and was buried in an unmarked grave covered with brush until Alice Walker, writer of The Color Purple, found out about this atrocity and paid to place a headstone on her grave, honoring her in death as well as in life.

I was totally disappointed that such a sparse crowd attended this event. We should strongly support our community in its cultural endeavors. It was a shame to see such a small turnout for this excellent, inspirational and artistic performance by these local singers, actors and actresses.

Poets such as my favorite, the renowned Langston Hughes (played by Rashad Bowden), writer Zora Neale Hurston (played by Shima Jackson), Billie Holiday (played by the lovely and ever so graceful Yma Arrington), Josephine Baker (played by the vivacious Shaynah Barnes) and last but not least
Madame C.J. Walker (played by Deborah Peters) were just a few of the artists, inventors and composers portrayed in this play. Let's not forget the two young, acrobatic tap dancing brothers who brought a boost of energy to the show, Shaquan Reed and Cyrus Brooks- the legend of Bojangles lives on.

Let's help support our community through these cultural collaborations. Supporting these events helps sustain remembrance of the accomplishments of our ancestral heritage.
reprinted with permission.